Artist landscape inspiration. Verbier winter panoramic.

I love and live in the mountains. As a landscape artist, inspiration is all around. The mountains are engraved on my heart and I am inspired everyday by the ever changing environment where they stand. 

So how does it inspire me? It seems almost obvious… but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. There is surface beauty, sure, but I see a deeper, more meaningful vision. A connection between our own existence and that of our surroundings is what I’m most interested in.

I paint to instil memories and tell others about them. I paint to express and to celebrate. Not just focussing on my local muses, but also lifting up the places I have been and fallen in love with too. Striving not just to create artworks, but emotional responses through a connection. My hope is to inspire a deeper relationship between the subject and the person gazing at it in my work.

I want to insight everyone into my world, how I see it. It is beautiful.

To get a slice of the action you need only visit my online shop. I try to keep a range of differently priced artworks so that those who cannot afford the big pieces can own a part of my world too. This can be through purchasing prints and smaller works. 

If you like what you see, I would be delighted if you would sign up to my VIP list. I don’t send emails regularly, but it would help to keep you up to date if you don’t have time to check back on the website. With this, you’ll also have access to new pieces at a reduced price before they appear in the shop. -YES its very VIP!

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Painting in photo: “Up River”