Original landscape artworks collection


Contemporary landscape art for the home or workspace,

bring the outside indoors.

Mountain life

Based in the Val de Bagnes, in Valais, Switzerland, Laura is frequently in the mountains. She is loyal to her original source of energy and inspiration all year round. See her collection of original landscape artworks from some of her most popular muses.

One of Laura Porteous' original landscape artworks. An uplifting trail lined with green and intriguing light.

Passion for nature

Green and golden. Some of Laura’s most expressive works are inspired by spring, summer and autumn. When the floors are thick with greenery and the trees are steadily changing. This collection of seasonal original landscape artworks inspires calm and uplift.

What other collections are there?

Not all Laura’s landscapes all are of her local surroundings, and not all of her paintings are landscapes… Click above to see all her original landscape artworks collections, from animals to ice, mountain skyscapes and paintings inspired by her travel.

About Laura’s original landscape artworks collection.

Laura paints the most during the spring and autumn periods where the tourist season goes quiet. The scenes and photos that are used as reference to produce her paintings have been taken over the whole year but can’t always be painted straight away. The luxury of painting as soon as inspiration comes is reserved for full-time artists (without children!), but that doesn’t stop Laura from painting as much as she can all year. Even if it’s as little as once a week, there is always a way! If you end up buying that painting you’ve been itching to make a move on, you never know… you could be directly contributing to making Laura’s dream of being a full-time artist possible one day..

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