Flora Collection

The more expressive side to Laura’s art comes from her hiking adventures. Running trails and travelling yields the most inspiration to the flora collection.

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Some of what you see above has already sold. Anything you can see in the gallery that can’t be found in the shop can be commissioned again. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to open a discussion about what you’d like. Let’s see what we can do about it.

One of Laura Porteous' original landscape artworks. A thicket of bare twigs and branches in the golden hour lighting of sunset. Oranges and yellows ombre to a darker grey shaded bottom.

Golden Ombre

Less of the flora and more of the woods in this one. The flora collection isn’t all about pretty flowers! Inspired by the warming, intense evening light at the low-sun’s “golden hour.” We see less of the sun setting in the mountains, however, we do get to enjoy a beautiful short period of golden light before the sun gets lost behind a mountain somewhere so, we never take it for granted. This painting shows those fading and fleeting moments, as some of the tree is already in the shade.

Secret Garden

Exploring the more hidden trails of the Val de Bagnes where Laura lives, this painting is thick with flora. The growth overwhelmed the path and made it tough to wade through. The sweet patch of pink flowers and array of greens accentuates the depths of foliage in front of you.

One of Laura Porteous' original landscape artworks. An uplifting trail lined with green and intriguing light.

Running Free

A beautiful trail in the mountains where Laura lives spawned this painting into existence. The uplifting light and vivid colours lingered in mind for the colour palette. This expressive piece features plenty of satisfying swipes and scrapes, both from palette-knife and brushstrokes. It also incorporates many abstract touches around the focal point so enhance its overall composition.

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Laura largely painted this oil on canvas with a palette knife, creating layer upon layer of texture and intrigue. The scene captured is in the sequoia rain forest on Vancouver Island, Canada. There are lucious ferns, pines and trees that are thick with lichen and so full of life and so, the name for the painting felt apt. Hence “Equilibrium” -a fragile but living and breathing ecosystem that’s works optimally with such a careful balance.

Large scale original painting of natural rain forest on Vancouver Island. One of Laura Porteous' original landscape artworks.