Alpine Collection

Discover what peaks your interest! This collection of mountain and mountain inspired paintings is Laura’s specialty. She has been painting mountains ever since she moved to Switzerland and accurately records each rock and ridge meticulously. These are portraits of mountains, so it is important to her that they are recognisable.

Flora Collection

This collection of paintings has the ability to sooth and calm your soul. We are healed by nature and the flora collection is our reminder to get outdoors and breathe among the trees. Explore some of Laura’s most expressive work here.

Water and Ice

A celebration of our key to life. Do you find water calming? Aren’t glaciers fascinating? Laura has a few honouring artworks to satisfy anyone else that feels as appreciative of water as she does. Have a look at this cooling collection.

Animal Collection

Have a look at everyone’s favourite collection. Admit it, we all love a cheeky or cute animal or two don’t we? There are less of this collection going round LP Artworks at the moment, so why not see if you want to snap up some of the last pieces?


This collection is full of drama and vivid colour. The clouds provide constant inspiration from high altitude view points and so the creation of high contrast, statement skycapes are the result. Browse here for a radiant and captivating piece of artwork you’ll not be able to stop looking at.

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