Landscape artist Laura Porteous Inspiration-Pingvellir National Park, Iceland

Meet Laura.

A word from the artist..


Hi there, I’m Laura. I grew up in Scotland and moved to the Swiss Alps when I was 23 and have never looked back. I live in the Val de Bagnes with my husband and 4 your old son. In the winters I work as a ski teacher for a school in Verbier. Being outside everyday keeps me fully inspired with snow covered alpine scenes and an extraordinary winter wonderland. I love to hike mountain trails in the summer too. This allows me to keep myself fully topped up with an endless supply of inspiration.

We rent my studio under our house of which was built over 170 years ago! It has super low ceilings and not as much light as I would like, but it’s perfect for now. The window is plenty big enough and I have loads of daylight lamps to help me see the colours I am mixing!

I joined the Bagn’Art Association in 2022. Being part of a collective is such a privilege. The support and encouragement from the other members is a hugely valued resource for me.

My processes.

While I typically rely on the lens of my own experiences to capture the essence of my landscapes, friends and family occasionally send me inspiring scenes from their own experiences. They send me their photos, wanting to share their own encounters with nature, urging me to put them on to canvas. Though I seldom use photos from others, there are the odd exceptions! -After all, the world is too vast for one to witness alone.

In my studio, I try my best to create different textures with brush and palette-knife application. The skies and much of my backgrounds are executed with a brush as it lends itself to the softer subjects. My palette-knives come out when I am trying to create a foreground or ridgeline that needs to jump or stand out in front. The contrast is exciting and I love the use of different tools. I get bored easily so this keeps me on my toes!

A simple palette of primary colours is my ritual and I find the mixing of each colour just as exciting as seeing my paintings come together. I NEVER use black paint because I feel like it can kill or void the space it occupies. Instead, I mix a very dark colour with red, blue and yes, yellow. Have you ever tried that?

My mission.

My artistic goal goes beyond physical representation. I want to evoke a visceral emotional response, to forge a connection between the viewer and the subject. I strive to get the viewer to feel like they are there, experiencing something of what I felt when I was in that space.

Through my art, I invite others to glimpse the world through my eyes. I want to promote the experience of the calming connection, its profound significance, and its ephemeral beauty. In every brushstroke and colour laid down, there is a journalistic narrative of our shared existence with nature. A life that I do not take for granted and am privilaged to translate onto canvas.

To get a slice of the action you need only visit my online shop. I try to keep a range of differently priced artworks to keep access to my work more inclusive. Those who cannot afford the big pieces can own a part of my world too. This can be through purchasing prints and smaller works. 

If you like my art, I would be delighted for you to be on my VIP list. (I don’t actually send emails regularly.) To help to keep you up to date if you don’t have time to check back on the website or have social media, why not? You’ll also have exclusive access to new pieces at an early bird price before they appear in the shop. -YES its very VIP!

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