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La Chaux in Autumn

This place in Autumn/Fall, is a spectacular show of red and golden hues, contrasting with the crisp blue sky, dramatic ridge-lines and wide open spaces.

The painting is a diptych, comprising of two 80x60cm canvases and the intention is that you need to hang them side by side with approximately 5cm in between. This piece was painted with a brush and a palette-knife. With its textured rendering of the mountains, this is the only diptych in the alpine collection.

One of Laura Porteous' original oil on canvas paintings.

Dents du Midi in Summer

This green themed almost monochrome, is inspired by the harsh and humid heat in the summer. It was painted in the unrealistic turquoise as an attempt to illustrate the haze of the day. The painting depicts this well known peak from a less familiar angle.

One of Laura Porteous' original landscape artworks. Featuring the Dents du Midi from he Valais Romandie autoroute. The green sky represents the blistering heat of summer almost bleaching the sky from blue to green.
One of Laura Porteous' original landscape artworks. The guardians of Pierre Avoi above Saxon, Valais. The view is of the low sun hitting the rocks to light them up in golden colours. This is a very textured painting.
One of Laura's original landscape oil on canvas paintings. The Weisshorn in Haute Valais, Switzerland at golden hour sunset. Orange and pink snow capped mountains.
“Just an average day”

Looking over to the Grand Combin from the slopes of Verbier. One of the most typical views from the ski resort on a calm weather day. Paragliders and skiers share in the spectacle of the vista across the valley.

If this looks familiar, this is your window to remind you of your skiing in Verbier.

Alpine mountain in snowy bluebird day.
Bec VI

The 6th rendition Laura has painted of the iconic Bec des Rosses. This mountain face is the competition face for the final of the Freeride World Tour. A free ride competition held in different Northern Hemisphere Ski locations globally.

There is always at least one original of this mountain in her alpine collection. This is a must have souvenir image if you have skied in Verbier.

Monochrome painting of La Ruinette, Valais. Alpine snowy mountain painting.
La Ruinette

Another well known peak in the Val de Bagnes. Standing at 3875m and visible from her house, Laura feels La Ruinette is like the guardian of the valley.

Inversion from Mont Fort

A rare but spectacular sight to behold. At a high enough altitude, Mont Fort is usually above a cloud inversion and here there is the addition of Verbier’s familiar proud rock, Pierre Avoi. The combination of palette knife and brush techniques are so perfectly executed here to create the textures in the scene.

One of Laura Porteous' original oil on canvas landscape paintings. Dents du midi and Pierre Avoi standing proud above a sea of cloud.

Lac des Vaux

An extremely familiar sight to anyone who has skied in Verbier. The ski area looks onto a very rugged ridgeline that many have negotiated to ski off-piste and down the other side. The moody and muddy clouds are no stranger to this view.

This small painting offers another affordable opportunity to someone looking for a souvenir of their trip to Verbier, though not exclusively. -This artwork is available to pure ridgeline admirers too!

Lac des Vaux. One of Laura Porteous' original landscape artworks. A familiar snowy ridge line to anyone that knows the ski resort of Verbier.

Purple Claws

This is a recounting of a high pressured snow storm. The clouds are descending into the valley, clawing at the icy peaks below, before they heavily enshroud them. The purple colours are symbolic of the lively but menacing beast of the storm above, moving in on its prey.

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Oil on canvas painting of heavy purple storm clouds beginning to envelope the mountains below. One of Laura Porteous' original landscape artworks.

Bec des Rosses V

A monochrome rendition of this iconic mountain. The grey tone accentuates the sinister shadiness of the steep competition face. It is no mean feat to ski!

The “grey” has a green tinge to it because Laura never uses black paint from the tube. Laura always mixes black from a primary palette. This principled and elementary approach retains the fundamentals of colour mixing and ensuring that even the darker areas in a painting are not


Monochrome snowy mountain painting of the Bec des Rosses, Verbier. One of Laura Porteous' original landscape paintings.
One of Laura Porteous' original landscape artworks. Les Dents du Midi at sunrise. The Eastern rock face is lit up golden yellow in the first light on the day in the Swiss/French alpine landscape.